My Healthy Living Journey

Non-Scale Victories!

Not only is it Friday, but it's the end of August already!  Maybe it's because we went on vacation, but this month really flew by! Have I mentioned yet that I'm really excited for fall to happen? (#brokenrecord, right?) I have a post planned next week to talk about my progress, but I want take… Continue reading Non-Scale Victories!

My Healthy Living Journey

The first step to lasting weight loss

Something that I think about a lot is why making healthier changes seems to be easier for me now.  I'm not saying there are never challenges; that I never think about binging or have days where I just don't care, but by and large the whole process has felt easier. I've tried just about every variety… Continue reading The first step to lasting weight loss

My Healthy Living Journey

What I Ate Wednesday

Hey y'all, I'm late posting today, but that's because I had to keep track of what I was eating to share with you!  That's right, today's (tonight's?) post is actually what I ate on Wednesday. I started the day off right with a good breakfast AND remembering to take a picture of said breakfast.   I've… Continue reading What I Ate Wednesday


Roasted Tomato Caprese Salad

Hey, hey! It's Wednesday, but I'm wishing it was Friday, because I'm back at the office and dreaming of the weekend!  We're going to a wedding this weekend and staying overnight at a hotel Saturday night so it'll be like a mini vacation.  I'm getting spoiled this month!  I should be one of those people… Continue reading Roasted Tomato Caprese Salad