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Changing Your Skincare with the Seasons

I hope you're not tired of me talking about fall yet, because I'm just getting started!  Today's post has nothing to do with PSLs or cozy sweaters, and everything to do with taking care of your skin as the weather gets colder and drier. I never had to think much about my skincare routine when… Continue reading Changing Your Skincare with the Seasons

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Knowledge is Power!

Hey, Hey! how are you? What are you doing this weekend? My weekend is PACKED! Saturday I'm driving to Westchester, NY for a Beautycounter training event.  I'm super pumped because we're talking holiday sets!!  Last year Beautycounter really knocked it out of the park with their holiday collection, so I can't wait to see what they're… Continue reading Knowledge is Power!

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Hormones 101

Hey, friend! Happy Friday! What are you plans for the weekend?  Hopefully something fun. I have a confession...  I may or may not have added the Christmas music station to my shuffle on Pandora.  Too soon? meh.  I was thinking about Christmas music and holiday season the other day, and Christmas must just makes me… Continue reading Hormones 101

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What’s in my makeup bag?

Hey friends! Happy Friday!  We've been having a great time in Cape May this week.  We got to spend a few days with various family members and had a great time, but the rest of the trip is just the two of us.  Yesterday we went to the zoo, did some driving (aka my husband's… Continue reading What’s in my makeup bag?

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Heavy Metals 101

If you remember my other posts about clean beauty (here and here), you're already familiar with the idea that there are harmful ingredients in our every day personal care products.  Today I want to highlight a specific area of harmful ingredients: heavy metals. These are primarily found in color cosmetics because the pigments used to… Continue reading Heavy Metals 101