Shepherd’s Pie

I have a new recipe today!  I'm not prepared enough to plan these things, but when I make something for dinner that I love, I need to share it with you. Did you know this it the the first time I've made shepherd's pie for my husband?  I've made it for myself for lunch or dinner… Continue reading Shepherd’s Pie


Perfect Crispy Potatoes

Anyone remember the commercial with the camels and the hump day joke? "Hey Mike, what day is it?"  My dad loved that commercial when it first aired.  His name is Mike and he enjoys a good pun, so it was practically made for him.  All that to say, happy hump day! This week has been… Continue reading Perfect Crispy Potatoes

My Healthy Living Journey

That’s a Wrap: Fed and Fit Project Summary

Four weeks, y'all! It's been four weeks since I decided to get my sh*t together, and I'm feeling pretty proud of myself.  Did I follow the "project" to the letter? no. Did I learn about myself and make intentional choices? yes. So all things considered, I'm counting this month as a win. What I'm going… Continue reading That’s a Wrap: Fed and Fit Project Summary

My Healthy Living Journey, Recipes

Favorite Recipe Round Up

My month on the Fed+Fit project is almost up, so I thought I'd share some of our favorite recipes to inspire your own health journey.  Most of the recipes listed are also available on the Fed+Fit website for free, but one of them is only available in her book. Sausage Tomato Frittata This one was… Continue reading Favorite Recipe Round Up