My Healthy Living Journey

My Kitchen Tool Must Haves

Hello and happy Friday!  One of my favorite shows that's about to end this week is Worst Cooks in America.  The people they find for this show are unreal! Maybe I take my ability to follow a recipe for granted, or maybe I was blessed with parents that taught me basic kitchen skills, but either… Continue reading My Kitchen Tool Must Haves

Health Coach in the making, Just for Fun

How I’m staying organized

Y'all, I have a LOT going on in my life right now.  I work a 40 hour job, my Beautycounter business, write blog posts, and started my nutrition program today, which will require about 20 hours per week!  On top of all that, I like to make sure I can still see my friends and… Continue reading How I’m staying organized


Things I’m Loving Lately

Happy Saturday!!  Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? I'm going to a family house warming/birthday party today and the rest of the weekend will be spent grocery shopping, cleaning up around the house, and learning about fat and cholesterol. It's been a few weeks since I talked about things I love, so… Continue reading Things I’m Loving Lately

Safer Beauty

What’s in your nail polish?

Happy Independence Day! I wish I had enough forethought to plan an appropriately themed post, but I'm new at this so you get nail polish. 🙂 Nail polish is one of those things that I just didn't think about when I started making my switch to cleaner products.  For whatever reason it didn't occur to… Continue reading What’s in your nail polish?

Safer Beauty

My Morning Skincare Routine

It's FriYAY!  I'm wrapping up the month with a low-key weekend that includes ZERO plans.  It's been a really busy month and July is going to be a big one too, so I'm looking forward to relaxing and maybe cleaning out some spaces in my house that have gotten cluttered (aka my closet). I want… Continue reading My Morning Skincare Routine