Just for Fun

My favorite things…

Happy Monday! I missed posting on Friday, partly because I had nothing to say, and partly because I decided to take a day "off", but I'm back now!  I worked on a few recipes this weekend that I can't wait to share with you!  But for today, let's talk about ME!  Or more specifically, some… Continue reading My favorite things…

Just for Fun

Some of My Favorite Things

For whatever reason, I keep thinking we're farther along in the week than we actually are.  Monday I kept talking as if it was Tuesday, and I literally just started writing this post thinking that it's Friday... and it's not.  But on the plus side, only 2 more days until Friday! I thought I'd do… Continue reading Some of My Favorite Things


Things I’m Loving Lately

Hey, Hey! How have you been?  I'm already failing at daily journaling for the FF Project, but that doesn't surprise me because I've always been bad at keeping up with daily tracking habits.  Honestly it has nothing to do with health; I'm bad at tracking my daily activities at work too.  So I'm mostly relying… Continue reading Things I’m Loving Lately