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5 things to do instead of over eating

Ahhhhh, Friday.  This week has been a mixed bag.  Work has been a little hectic, and also exciting, and my personal life has been busy, and sad, and happy, and really just all of the emotions recently.  On Wednesday, I started the day with a hectic meeting, and I felt like I was spending the… Continue reading 5 things to do instead of over eating

My Healthy Living Journey

September Recap

Nothing has gone as planned today, so this is late coming out (thank you Verizon for taking your sweet time fixing our internet!) but here it is! Wait, where did September go?!  I know I probably say this every month, but September really did fly by!  This month has been super busy for me both… Continue reading September Recap

My Healthy Living Journey

Restriction Vs Self Love

I baked cookies this weekend for the essential oils class, and there are still some leftover. Yesterday, those cookies kept catching my attention.  Had this been a year ago, or maybe even 6 months ago, those cookies would've been gone by Monday afternoon.  If you didn't know better, you'd think this post is about self… Continue reading Restriction Vs Self Love

My Healthy Living Journey

The first step to lasting weight loss

Something that I think about a lot is why making healthier changes seems to be easier for me now.  I'm not saying there are never challenges; that I never think about binging or have days where I just don't care, but by and large the whole process has felt easier. I've tried just about every variety… Continue reading The first step to lasting weight loss

My Healthy Living Journey

Did TV tell you to binge?

I've been spinning this thought around in my head for awhile now, and I've struggled to put it into words, so forgive me if this isn't a fully baked idea. I'm not a fan of blame shifting.  We are all responsible for our choices and how we allow outside influences to affect us, but I… Continue reading Did TV tell you to binge?