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How I’m staying organized

Y'all, I have a LOT going on in my life right now.  I work a 40 hour job, my Beautycounter business, write blog posts, and started my nutrition program today, which will require about 20 hours per week!  On top of all that, I like to make sure I can still see my friends and… Continue reading How I’m staying organized

Health Coach in the making

The Healthy Breakfast Myth

Hey friends! I feel like I've slacked a bit on posting recently, but my every day life is going back to normal soon so I'm excited to get some more content your way!  If you have any ideas of what you want to see/hear about leave me a comment. I was making my usual scrambled… Continue reading The Healthy Breakfast Myth

Health Coach in the making

Going Back to School

I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but I'm voluntarily going back to school!  After college I always said that I'd only go back to school if my job required it and/or paid me to go.  Well, my job's not paying for it, but the life change I want does require it.  I've decided to pursue… Continue reading Going Back to School