My Healthy Living Journey

November Recap

I know, I know, I’m late. It’s already December 5th! Frankly, I forgot we were near the end of the month because in my mind this is “holiday season” and the 5ish weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas should be their own month. haha.

So let’s talk about November.  Thanksgiving is traditionally a holiday where we stuff our faces all day (maybe days?) and then “work it off” with 5k’s and football, or maybe we just accept our fate as lethargic sloths (me).  This year I used the “is it worth it?” method of building my plates.  Super delicious cheese? totally worth it. Dry stuffing? never worth it.  I ate foods I enjoy and didn’t feel pressure eat things I’m not a fan of just because it’s tradition.  I actually ended that week having lost weight!

Truthfully, a majority of November was not spent focusing on my specific food choices. I more or less eat a nutrient dense diet, but I wasn’t being very thoughtful when I was out and about.  Also, movement is not a thing for me right now, and I’ve accepted that. I hope you will too 😉  That being said, I did finally break through my plateau and made it to the next “decade”! I’m officially down 26lbs total (4lbs from August) but I didn’t measure myself because I’m a total slacker.

I really want to focus on cleaning up my diet between celebrations during December. I have no plans to restrict myself at holiday parties, but I do want to be cautious of the slippery slope that sugar creates in my mind.  So I’m going to be sticking to a more traditional “paleo” diet between parties as a compromise.  I want to be clear: this is not a form of punishment.  I’m choosing to do this because I love myself and while I don’t want to slow my progress again, I also don’t want to restrict myself at celebrations.  So by choosing to avoid processed sugars/carbs in my regular diet, I’m able to eat “worth it” treats at parties without risking a sugar coma/backslide into a binge.  Does that make sense?

I decided to take some progress photos this month because I really haven’t done any since August, and I’m feeling mixed emotions about them.  I’m pleased that there is still obvious progress from where I was in June, but I’m also not where I hoped I would be after 6 months.  It goes to show that you get out what you put in, and I have not been making as much of an effort as I was earlier in the summer.


Also, do you like my new haircut? 🙂 Have a great day!

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