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Holiday Gift Guide

I always have the best of intentions when it comes to holiday shopping; I tell myself I’m going to start early and shop sales so I save money and time, but I usually end up buy a bunch of stuff on Amazon (thank you, Prime!) a week or two before Christmas.

I can’t guarantee I’ll be more on top of things this year, but I do love online browsing, so I came up with a guide to help you with your shopping list!  This post has something for everyone: the foodie, the tech lover, the beauty guru, the skincare junkie, and some fun stocking stuffers under $30!  Some of my favorite brands on this list are Le Creuset, Beautycounter, Cote Polish, and Phlur!

Check back throughout the season, because I’ll be adding to this guide as I find more fun gift ideas!

For the Foodie/Chef


For Him

For Her

For the Tech Obsessed

  SafeSleeve Detachable for iPhone 6/6s, 7 & 8

For the Skincare Junkie

product-images--8213-bestofBC_US2  product-images-8216-imgs-CharcoalEssentials product-images-8225-imgs-countermantravelset.jpg product-images-8212-imgs-InstantAwakeningTrio_US2

We all deserve to give ourselves moments to invest in our own health + happiness - up your self care game with the Primally Pure Spa Kit.   Whether you're new to the world of natural skincare or just new to our brand, the Primally Pure Starter Kit will make your transition a bit easier and less complicated!

For the Beauty Guru

product-images-2256-imgs-necessaryneutralseyeshadowpalette_us2.jpg product-images-8226-imgs-StardustCreamEyeshadow_US2-2 product-images-2179-imgs-FirstLightHighlighter_US2 product-images-8222-imgs-ColorIntenseLipDuo_US2-2 product-images-2257-imgs-velvetiniconic.jpg product-images-7271-imgs-product-images7271PDP_brushes.jpg?alt=media&token=24d37751-8b7a-4f31-b2cb-0cf5ff2d0345 product-images-8221-imgs-minicolorintenselipstickvault_creamboxus2-2.jpg product-images-8229-imgs-minilipglossvault_us2-2.jpg luxeset_1_540x.jpgmjk8mwlm9b_oflyvu7rdyh-e3u1mppzn9dfxutrrxga_umifji5qbxqxjejgwp-c_xdc9yk6e49rg44dndd5g1e_900x.jpgsmallset_new_1080x-2.jpg  

Stocking Stuffers – Gifts Under $30

Joyful TeasJoy Inside Latte Mug Deep Teal Starcut Nordic Mug 10fea058-c3cf-41a1-bc13-59821ddd09b4.png   image 0  Stud Earrings - A New Day™ Gold/Pink - image 1 of 2 Women's Target is My Happy Place Short Sleeve Cross Front Drapey Graphic T-Shirt - Awake Gray - image 1 of 2 Justin's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups - 4.7oz - image 1 of 2 Product Image Product Image Product Image red_starterset_900x.pngHover_14_6f175878-572d-4ebe-8e3f-88f9e35f2e2d_900x

Some of the links above are affiliate links, which means if you click it and decide to purchase I may receive a small compensation in return.  
I‘m also an Independent Consultant for Beautycounter.  If you decide to shop with me as your consultant and need help choosing products, please contact me. I’d be happy to help.

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