My Healthy Living Journey

Progress Report: October

I’m tired of being surprised at how fast time is moving, but really, how are we already in November??

October was a whirlwind, and full transparency, I made no progress in terms of weightless.  I’ve been bouncing around within the same 5lb range since August; a large part of that is that I’ve slacked off on my nutrition, and I’m starting to feel it physically (headaches, lethargy, etc.).  So November will be a bit of a reset for my nutrition goals.  I’m going to avoid dairy and processed sugars and see if that helps, and also gluten because I know I feel better without it.  I still plan my meals each week, so that’s a good habit that has stuck around!  It also makes grocery shopping a lot easier, so I’m going to continue doing that.

I don’t have any of my traditional progress pics this month, because once again there’s really no progress to speak of; however, I do have some other pictures to share with you. I had recently went to an orchard with my friends, and one of my friends posted pictures from that day.  I couldn’t believe how different I looked! It’s been so long since I’ve actually liked a full-body picture of myself; it was a weird feeling for me.  And then I was a little sad because I realized how long it has been since I liked a picture of myself.

I actually had to dig to find a full body “before” pic of me, because I avoided them as much as possible, but here’s one from a vendor event I did back in April:


And here are some recent pictures (within the last month):



What do you think? Looking at these comparisons I’m pretty proud of where I’m at now, even if it’s been slow (or no) progress in the most recent months.  Also, how cute is my little nephew at the bottom of that pic?? My favorite little trouble maker 🙂

So that’s about it for October.  I’m excited to be in a new month and make a fresh start on my health!

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