Health Coach in the making

I matter, and so do you.

I planned on posting a recipe for chia seed pudding today (spoiler alert, it’s AWESOME and will be here on Friday), but after attending a networking lunch and listening to an incredibly motivating speaker, I have something else I want to talk about.

I’ve made a lot changes in my life recently (this blog, Beautycounter, and now my NTC program), and for the most part I’m super thrilled about it all because I get to share my experience and help others feel empowered, educated, or simply connected in a way that they might not have before.  But recently I’ve been feeling a lot of self doubt.  Am I making the right choices? Am I really qualified? What if I fail? Should I try to cancel the NTC program and get my money back?

Self confidence came very easily for me as a kid.  I thought I was the best at just about everything, but somewhere between childhood and adulthood that changed.  I doubted myself frequently.  I feared failure, so I wouldn’t take risks personally or professionally.  Joining Beautycounter has done wonders for my self confidence, but those doubts are still there.  If I’m honest with myself, the reason I haven’t built a Beautycounter team of my own is because I’m afraid of failure.  I don’t want to recruit people, even if I think they’d love being a consultant, because I fear rejection and judgement.

At today’s networking lunch, Amanda Crowell, PhD talked about 3 things that hold people back from growth.  Everything she said was motivating, but one part really connected for me.  She said that the people who think that a certain “type” of person is meant to do certain things, always thinks that they are not that type of person.  Y’all.  This is exactly my issue.  I see people in the nutrition/wellness world and in my mind I think “I’ll never be like them” or or some other nonsense about how I’m not qualified or people won’t take me serious because of my size, clothes, hair, or other vain reason.

I do this when it comes to my office job as well.  I’ve been at my office for more than six years, and I’m a valuable leader on my team, but there are still moments where I doubt myself; where I think that I’m not qualified to be giving advice on XYZ issue.  I doubt myself at work because in my mind I’m still a young college grad fresh out of school with no experience, but the truth is I’m really good at my job, and I’m totally qualified to have a opinions.  I’ve gotten better at reminding myself about this at the office in the past year or two, but I have some work to do in other areas.

I don’t need to look or speak or act a certain way to be successful. I just need to be myself and find a way that I can make an impact as I am.  Authenticity and passion matter more than my looks or clothes, and I need to remind myself every day that I am qualified.  I have valuable thoughts and experiences that are worth sharing.

So if you’re struggling with self doubt, you’re not alone. And you are worthy of pursuing your passions.  What’s something your passionate about? and what are you doing to get more of that passion in your life? I really want to know. ❤

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