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What I Ate Wednesday

hellooooo there!  It’s been a while since I’ve shared a “what I ate” post, so let’s chat food today.  There’s nothing better than a hot soup or chili on a cold day, too bad it’s going to be hot out today!  Regardless of the decidedly un-autumnal weather today, I’m still embracing fall feels.

Breakfast was a classic: hash browns and scrambled eggs with some goat cheese mixed in.  Of course I also had my regular coffee with organic half & half, maple syrup, and collagen peptides.


Lunch was leftover Chocolate Chili. I follow this recipe almost exactly, I just add some veggies like bell peppers and sweet potatoes to round it out.  I also snagged an apple from the office kitchen.  Am I the only one who prefers apples from the fridge?  They’re just so much better when they’re cold. Also, enjoy this picture of my empty container because I didn’t think of snapping a pic until I had finished my chili…


I was hungry after work, so I snacked on some Wellshire Farms Liverwurst with mustard and green olives.  It’s not the most visually appealing snack, but liver is a FABULOUS source of nutrients (like Vitamins A and B12) and I happen to enjoy liverwurst so I snack on it semi-regularly.


Dinner was pork chops with honey mustard, mashed potatoes, and green beans. I wasn’t very hungry so I didn’t eat much of it, but it sure was tasty!



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