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My Kitchen Tool Must Haves

Hello and happy Friday!  One of my favorite shows that’s about to end this week is Worst Cooks in America.  The people they find for this show are unreal! Maybe I take my ability to follow a recipe for granted, or maybe I was blessed with parents that taught me basic kitchen skills, but either way this show is incredibly entertaining!  I always learn a few tips from the chefs as well, so it’s a win-win.

I was thinking about my kitchen skills while watching this show recently, and while I’m not exactly a professional, I have more than a decade of experience.  I’ve especially developed my skills in the last five years because I do a majority of the cooking since we got married.  I’ve learned which tools I love, which ones I can live without, so today I thought I share some of my kitchen tool must haves.  Leave a comment with some of your must have tools! I love trying new kitchen gadgets. 🙂


Cast Iron Skillets: I LOVE using cast iron skillets! I have a set of three sizes from lodge and I use at least one of them every day.  They’re perfect for just about any cooking, and oven safe so they’re ideal for making meals like Shepperd’s Pie!

The important think to know about cast iron is how to care for them, so I follow these directions for seasoning and cleaning my pans with heat safe, healthy oils.

Electric Kettle: Anyone who has spent time waiting for a kettle to heat up on the stove knows how frustrating that process can be!  This kettle was a Christmas gift a few years ago and it’s worth every penny.

We use a French press for coffee, so this gets daily use! I love that it has multiple temperature settings for different types of tea and a setting for french press, so that my coffee is the perfect temperature every morning 🙂

French Press:  I know, I know, call me a coffee snob, but this is my favorite method for making coffee!  We used to use a Keurig or traditional coffee maker, but a french press gets a much richer flavor, and doesn’t have the concern of stagnant water like Keurig machines.

It’s not ideal for large gatherings, but if you entertain a lot you could always get a larger sized french press.

Zester: Never underestimate the importance of a good zester. I use mine cheese, citrus, even garlic! It’s way easier and faster than trying to mince garlic cloves myself.

I found my favorite zester at a TJ Maxx a few years ago and haven’t been able to find another since, but this one is pretty darn close!

Stick Blender: My goal with cooking is to have as little to clean as possible.  I’ll reuse measuring cups/spoons, bowls, whatever if I can, and this stick blender is my go-to because it’s so easy to clean! It saves me from having to pull out a food processor or dirty the blender, and it’s perfect for blending soups and mashed potatoes, which I do a lot.


The links above are Amazon affiliate links, which means if you decide to purchase through my links I may receive a small compensation from Amazon for your referral.

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