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How I’m staying organized

Y’all, I have a LOT going on in my life right now.  I work a 40 hour job, my Beautycounter business, write blog posts, and started my nutrition program today, which will require about 20 hours per week!  On top of all that, I like to make sure I can still see my friends and family.  I am super excited to be starting my nutrition program and I’m looking forward to share what I learn here and in my community, but I knew getting into this that it would be a lot of work on top of my already busy schedule.

The only way I can keep things straight and make sure I’m fitting everything in without losing my mind is to schedule everything.  I could use my phone calendar or an app, but it’s just not as satisfying.  Paper planners are my favorite. I’ve used planners for several years now to keep track of events and work activities, but my current planner wasn’t well suited to schedule my daily activities.  I used this as the perfect excuse to treat myself to a new planner! I ended up choosing the Erin Condren Student Planner because it had flexible months that let me start in September, and the breakdown of each day is perfect for writing up a daily schedule and checklist!


I’m using the first column for daily events/reminders like when I’m working from home or when the hubby will be on a job, the middle column for scheduled time to do classwork, workout, go grocery shopping, etc., and the to-do lists for reminders of tasks that need to be done.

I love being able to visualize my week and see how much time I’m able to set aside for each job/responsibility, as well as upcoming events, projects, and to-do lists.  I’m also a big fan of color-coding, and erasable colored pens are the best! I’ve been using these since I started using planners several years ago.  Of course, having stickers makes it fun too 🙂

Do you plan your weeks? Do you prefer paper or electronic? If you’re interested in getting your own Erin Condren planner, you can use this link to get $10 off your first order!

What are some of your favorite methods/tips for busy schedules?

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