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Knowledge is Power!

Hey, Hey! how are you? What are you doing this weekend? My weekend is PACKED! Saturday I’m driving to Westchester, NY for a Beautycounter training event.  I’m super pumped because we’re talking holiday sets!!  Last year Beautycounter really knocked it out of the park with their holiday collection, so I can’t wait to see what they’re doing this year!  Sunday I’m hosting an essential oils class to learn more about holistic wellness with my friends.  I’m a casual EO user, so I appreciate the concept and I’m looking forward to learning more.

Let’s talk about beauty products, specifically, how to shop for safer ones.  If you missed my previous posts about ingredient safety, check them out here, here, and here.  Knowing which ingredients are safe, and which ones don’t belong on our bodies can be really tricky.  Some of the names look incredibly similar, and most don’t look like they’re written in English!  Trying to read an ingredient label without help can make your head spin, but I’ve got two resources to help make shopping a breeze.

Option #1:

I love this site because they provide an honest breakdown of just about any ingredient you’d see on an product label.  Anytime I’m looking for a new personal care product (shampoo, styling products, bath bombs, etc.) I do a quick scan of the ingredient list and look up any ingredients I don’t recognize so I can decide if it’s something I want to be using.

In fact, I just did this recently with my Fab Fit Fun box!  I got a notice the other day that my box shipped, and immediately jumped online to check out what’s coming.  There are several beauty products that look clean.  The brand names and packaging look like they’d be safe to use, but I don’t want to be fooled by green washing so I always check the ingredients.


Fab Fit Fun doesn’t include ingredient lists on their site, so I do a quick google search to find the brand’s site and review the ingredients there.  After taking a few minutes to plug in the ingredients, I decided that the Farmacy eye cream has 2 ingredients that aren’t exactly ideal, but it’s mostly clean.  The other items all have some red flags, so I know I won’t be using those.  For the record, I love all of the other products that come in these boxes so I still get my money’s worth, even if I don’t use all of the personal care items.

Having a reliable resource for ingredient safety makes shopping so much easier! I feel empowered to find products and brands that I trust, and that is a huge relief in this world of green washing and proprietary information.

Option #2: Beautycounter’s Never List

If you don’t have time to search a website, or want a quick resource, the Never List is exactly what you need! It’s a condensed list of  ingredients that Beautycounter has identified as harmful or questionable.  Beautycounter does extensive research in ingredient safety, so their list is an excellent resource if you want a portable resource that you can pull out for a quick comparison at the store. Of course, you can also avoid the hassle of looking for safer products and shop Beautycounter since they’ve already done the work for you! 🙂

The best part of looking for safer products is the feeling you get when you find a clean product and LOVE IT!  As you get comfortable with shopping for safer products and reading ingredient labels, you’ll likely find brands that you trust, and that makes shopping even easier.  Until then, I hope these resources make your shopping experience easy and fun.

I am a consultant for Beautycounter, and all Beautycounter links go to my personal shopping page.  If you choose to shop with me as your consultant I’d be happy to help you choose products and make sure that you get exactly what you want.  click here to request a virtual skincare consultation, and here to get in touch directly for more info.

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