My Healthy Living Journey

Let’s make “fall cleaning” a thing

It’s FriYAY! Kids are back in school, which means that school buses are back to stopping every twenty feet and adding at least 15 minutes to my morning commute.  I had to remind myself to leave earlier this week to account for the extra traffic, but today’s a work from home day, so my commute was a breeze. HA!

Last weekend I cleaned out my office and it felt so. good.  There’s something about a clean space and fresh organization that makes me feel like I can handle anything.  I love cleaning spaces out during the change of seasons because it feels like a fresh start.  A lot of people see September as another “January” when it comes to making changes.  School starts, routines change, and we’re inspired to get into healthier habits after summer vacations and before holiday indulgences.  So let’s not limit our fresh starts to New Year’s resolutions or Spring Cleaning!  Here are some ideas to help you clean your way to a fresh start this fall:

Your Pantry – Whether you’re making a lifestyle or diet change, or you forgot about that jar of tomato sauce that’s been hiding in the corner for years, cleaning out your pantry can breath new life into your cooking and meal prepping/planning.  Check out pinterest for some organization inspiration, and get rid of those random remnants of your SAD (Standard American Diet) past.  Personally, I need to clean out my baking supplies and get rid of the 3+ year old flour and half full bags of old powdered sugar so that I can put that space to better use. (Please tell me I’m not the only one who always thinks they don’t have powdered sugar when they need it, and end up buying more before they realize there’s three half used bags in the back of the pantry??)

Your Office/Desk – This is what I did last weekend!  I have my nutrition program starting next Monday, and I had been neglecting my office so it was pretty cluttered.  Having a clean, organized work space makes me feel way more productive and ready to start this new season in my life!  I made room for all of my nutrition books and cleaned up my Beautycounter shelves to make everything easier to grab for samples and parties.

Your Closet – I try to clean out my closet seasonally to save space, but it’s also a great idea to clean it out when you want to feel good about your clothes/body.  When you have a closet full of clothes that don’t fit right, or don’t make you feel good about your body, then it can be pretty daunting to think about getting dressed in the morning.  Take some time to go through each piece, and keep only the clothes that you enjoy wearing.  Put the other clothes in a bin if they’re seasonal or donate the clothes that don’t fit right.  When you have a closet full of clothes that make you happy, you may find you actually look forward to getting dressed in the morning!

Your Instagram – This one isn’t a physical clean out, but sometimes we need to do some emotional/mental cleaning out too.  Go through the list of people you follow on Instagram (or Facebook) and get rid of the ones who make you self conscious.  Social media is such a huge part of our lives these days, and we don’t need to be flooding our minds with images that make us less than awesome or inspired.  If you’re having issues with body image/self confidence, think about un-following the women in bikinis.  Maybe you’re recovering from an eating disorder and don’t want to see everyone’s meals/nutrition talk in your feed every day.  Go ahead and hit that un-follow button; they won’t take it personally, and you can always revisit at a later date when your mindset has changed.

Let me know if you do any “fall cleaning” this weekend! I think I’ll take a stab at my closet in the hopes that I’ll be able to start wearing warmer clothes soon…

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