My Healthy Living Journey

August Recap

As far as hitting my goals, I’d have to say August is half-successful, BUT I’m in a glass half full mood, so a half-success is still a win in my book!

I wanted to focus more on finding movement that I enjoyed, and I sort of did that: I wore my Fitbit for a few weeks and got a better idea of my current level of activity, and I walked a bit more – especially on vacation.  I didn’t stick with walking as much as I had intended, so that’s something I’d like to continue to work on in September.  I’d also like to start lifting weight again.

September is going to be a big month for me with my nutrition program starting, so I’m going to have to be diligent about scheduling time for things that matter.  My (loose) plan is to schedule workouts and study time during the week.  I love paper planners, so this will actually be fun for me, but the challenge will be actually sticking to my schedule.

As far as food goes, I’m pretty pleased with what I’ve been doing, so my plan is to keep on keeping on.  I’m sure I’ll make adjustments as I learn in my nutrition program, but for now I’m happy with my progress.

And in keeping with tradition, here are the “stats” for August: I lost another 5lbs, (22lb total) and 10.5 inches (26 inches total)!  I was so shocked by those measurements, 10.5 inches is a LOT.  I’m also pretty pleased with the fact that the inches lost is so much more than the weight lost, it’s a great reminder that the scale is just a number.



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