My Healthy Living Journey

Non-Scale Victories!

Not only is it Friday, but it’s the end of August already!  Maybe it’s because we went on vacation, but this month really flew by! Have I mentioned yet that I’m really excited for fall to happen? (#brokenrecord, right?)

I have a post planned next week to talk about my progress, but I want take some time talk about some non-scale victories that I’ve noticed since  starting this journey three months ago.

I’m very early in my new journey, but I can already see a change in my appearance, mental state, and outlook, and those are all incredible victories! So let’s chat about them…

Clothes fitting better – This one is probably obvious, right?  I’m one of those people who have full wardrobes in a variety of sizes because of weight fluctuations throughout the years.  This change is perfectly timed, because I found 6 pairs of jeans that did not fit before!  They’re just about perfect right now, so I feel like I’m ready for fall weather.

Less anxiety and cravings – It is so freeing to not care.  After having several week of clean eating under my belt, I feel super comfortable around food.  I don’t have the obsessive cravings anymore, and I’m able to quickly recognize old patterns when they start to creep up and make changes before I fall head first into a box of donuts.  (to be clear, I still really love donuts!)

Improved mood – YThere’all, it’s no joke that you are what you eat.  I’m still a work in progress, but my general attitude and outlook on life is SO MUCH BETTER.  I had no idea how much processed foods (especially sugars and gluten!) were affecting my mental state.  Even my husband has noticed a difference.  I’m more pleasant to be around and enjoy our time together even more.

I feel good – This is another thing that we don’t always notice until it goes away, but I feel better when I make healthier choices.  I don’t have that bloated, tired feeling after I eat anymore!

I’m excited for the future – There were actually times where I worried that I would never get healthy.  Have you ever seen the show My 600lb Life? Yeah. That show is like watching a train wreck, and in my darkest thoughts I worried that I would end up like that.  The past three months have shown me that I can not only change myself, but I can have an impact in the lives of others, and I’m excited to see where the next few years take me.

I’m pretty proud of this list, and I’m looking forward to adding to it as I continue to make progress.  I hope you have a fabulous holiday weekend and enjoy what (I hope) are the last few days of warm weather!

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