My Healthy Living Journey

What I Ate Wednesday

Hey y’all, I’m late posting today, but that’s because I had to keep track of what I was eating to share with you!  That’s right, today’s (tonight’s?) post is actually what I ate on Wednesday.

I started the day off right with a good breakfast AND remembering to take a picture of said breakfast.   I’ve been cooking from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen for the past week or so, and breakfast is a frittata from that book.  It has chorizo and veggies and it’s super flavorful.  I added some hash browns and a quarter of an avocado because I knew I had back to back meetings straight through lunch time and would be eating later than usual.


As it turns out, I was smart to think ahead because I didn’t eat lunch until after 2pm.  I ate breakfast around 6:45am so that’s a long time between meals.  Fortunately, breakfast did what I hoped because I didn’t feel hungry until the end of my last meeting.  Lunch was some leftovers from last night – a breaded chicken tender with homemade honey mustard (breaded with almond flour) and mashed potatoes.  I lost interest in the potatoes so I ended up eating maybe half of those, and of course I forgot to take a picture.

We had friends over for dinner tonight, so I made pulled pork (actually, I heated it up from our freezer… my brother-in-law smoked this pork last time we visited them) with roasted potatoes, green beans, and steamed spinach.  I thought about taking a picture of my food in front of everyone, but I didn’t have my phone with me at the table.  So that’s another one I missed.  Trust me though, it was awesome.

We had dessert tonight because I wanted to work on an apple crisp recipe.  Per my husband, “It tastes like fall”, so I think I nailed it.  That will be coming to the blog soon. 🙂

I DID take a picture of that one, so here’s what you have to look forward to:


So that’s what I ate today.  Do you like these posts? I don’t know that I have the presence of mind to do them regularly but I could probably handle every few weeks.  I think it’ll be interesting to be able to look back on what I was eating at different stages of my journey.  I’m really bad at keeping any sort of food journal/tracker updated, so these posts will serve as benchmarks of what my meals looked like.

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