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Staying on Track During Vacation

Hey, friends!  It’s Monday, and tomorrow we’re heading to Cape May for some R&R!  I’m looking forward to enjoying time with the hubster and some of our close friends, but don’t worry, I’ve already got some posts planned for the week. 🙂

Most people see vacation as an excuse to say “peace out” (or colorful expletives depending on the person…) to their diets and eat whatever they want because it’s vacation!  I used to be that way too, and honestly I’m still going to indulge a few times.  The key is to make choices with intention.  So maybe I skip the pancakes at breakfast, but you can bet there is ice cream in my future!

We’re staying at my in-law’s house in Cape May, so we’ll have access to a full kitchen, fridge, freezer, etc.  It will be just like home, only without my cast iron or french press… (so really, nothing like my home!), and that means that we don’t have to eat out for every meal.  Our plan is to eat breakfast at home (with maybe 1-2 trips to Uncle Bills because it’s tradition) and keep plenty of snacks/lunch options in the house to pack food on beach days.  Dinner is when we usually go out to enjoy the local restaurants, and that’s where I may choose to be a little more relaxed in my choices.

For breakfast, I’m making the Sausage and Tomato Frittata from Fed + Fit because it’s my favorite right now, and it makes a perfect easy breakfast in the morning.  The hubster will be sticking to his usual breakfast smoothie (almond milk, banana, collagen peptides, and peanut butter), and I’ll bring some grass-fed half and half, and our favorite collagen peptides for coffee.  There’s a awesome coffee place in Cape May that has a ton of different flavors, so we’ll stop there and pick some up for the week.


I bought Applegate deli meats and sourdough bread for lunches.  I may or may not choose to eat the bread myself, but I know the hubster will use it.  I’m also bringing ghee for toast.  Snacks are fruit – grapes and plums, non-GMO popcorn, and The New Primal sticks.  I haven’t tried this brand of meat sticks yet but I’ve heard good things, so I’m looking forward to trying those.  I love on-the-go protein to keep in my purse on vacations; it’s a great way to keep the hangry feelings away when we’re out and about.  I also picked up a clean hand soap for the bathroom, so I can have peace of mind about washing our hands all week.

Keep an eye out for more vacation posts this week! I’ll be sharing what’s in my beach bag, and my favorite skincare and makeup for travel.  Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Staying on Track During Vacation”

  1. This is great advice to be intentional about where we let loose. I’d rather space for something I really love instead of eating a bunch of stuff I hardly care for. Plus, who wants to be puffy and tired on vacation, right?

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    1. Exactly! I’ve had so many vacations where I go nuts and “plan” to get back on track after, and it never happens that way. I’d rather continue to feel good during my vacation AND when I get home.

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