My Healthy Living Journey

July: what worked for me, and what I’m doing differently in August

Hi friends!  I can’t believe we’re already heading into August!  I feel like I say this every year, but summer is flying by!  I’m ok with summer moving fast though because that means fall is coming and that is my season! I love everything about fall – the clothes, the colors, the flavors, the weather. Well ok, I could live without the football, but everything else about fall is pretty awesome.  So while I sit here, dreaming about pumpkin spice everything (because I’m an unashamed basic b*tch), let’s talk about my progress this month!

I chose recipes from Practical Paleo, Second Edition, and my absolute favorite recipe from that book is the dairy free chicken parm.  There’s a coconut milk bechamel that magically turns into a mock parmesan cheese topping.  Honestly, I’d recommend buying the book for that recipe alone, but there are several other great recipes and easy-to-understand nutrition info that everyone should read.


I haven’t decided on my next book because I’m sticking to recipes I already know this week to keep things simple before vacation, and I’m not going to be doing much cooking during vacation either.  (There will obviously be vacation themed posts coming later this month 😉 )

As for sticking to my general health guidelines, I’m pretty pleased with myself.  There were indulgences in the form of ice cream and pasta, but every choice was intentional and thought out and that’s a win to me.  I can definitely tell when I’ve had too much of something now; too much sugar gives me an almost instant headache, and too many days in a row with gluten make me feel bloated and sluggish.   Learning how my body reacts to certain foods is a huge part of this process.  My goal isn’t to be as restrictive as possible; I want to be able to enjoy as many things as I can without negative consequences.  So this month I’ve learned that sugar and gluten are fine once or twice a week, but my main diet needs to prioritize natural, gluten free carbs and low-sugar treats.

My workouts this month have been practically non-existent.  I did a yoga class, but that’s about it.  I could beat myself up about it and feel bad, but that’s not going to suddenly motivate me to work out.  Instead, I’m going to start using my Fitbit again to get a gauge of how much I’m moving, and how I can add more movement to my day.  I’m also going to put more of an effort into scheduling times during the week to workout and finding workouts that I truly enjoy.  What are your favorite workouts?  Do you go to a gym or stay home? What about group classes?

And now, for the “real” progress report… did I lose weight? I sure did!  I lost another 8lbs this month, and 5.5 inches.  So that’s a total of 18lbs and 15.5 inches in 2 months.  I’m really pleased with the progress I’m making, and I don’t just mean seeing the numbers go down.  My clothes fit better, and I’m feeling more like myself again.  I really didn’t notice before how much my binging habits were affecting my mood, but even the hubster has noticed how much happier I am on a daily basis.  So while it’s nice to see the physical changes, I’m most pleased with the change in my mindset.

Speaking of physical changes, here are some progress pics so you can see how I’ve changed in the past two months.  Last month I couldn’t see much of a difference in the photos, but I see it now, especially from the front.



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