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That’s a Wrap: Fed and Fit Project Summary

Four weeks, y’all! It’s been four weeks since I decided to get my sh*t together, and I’m feeling pretty proud of myself.  Did I follow the “project” to the letter? no. Did I learn about myself and make intentional choices? yes. So all things considered, I’m counting this month as a win.

Some of my grocery haul for this week’s meals

What I’m going to keep doing:

Meal Planning – I feel like I found my groove here.  Every weekend I sit down and go through the cookbook to decide what I wanted to make, and fill out my weekly meals spreadsheet (that you can get as a FREE download when you sign up for my email list!) and stick it on the fridge.  Having a plan for the week has really helped me because I don’t get lost in black hole of “I don’t know what to make – I don’t really want to cook – let’s just get takeout”.  Knowing exactly what I’m cooking that day takes the pressure off; I don’t have to think too much, I just do it.

Trying new recipes – I’ve really enjoyed trying new recipes and finding new favorites (hello Barbacoa Beef!). I thought it would be fun to have a cookbook of the month so that I can continue trying new recipes and get some usage out of the shelf of cookbooks in my kitchen!  July’s cookbook will be Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo.  I’ll be sure to share my favorites from this book to inspire your own culinary adventures!

Avoiding gluten and inflammatory foods (mostly) – I fully believe that there’s no benefit to eating gluten on a regular basis.  There’s so much research linking gluten to autoimmune disorders, inflammation, and digestive issues, that it’s just not worth it to me.  I’ve pretty much been guaranteed by my orthopedic surgeon that I’m going to get arthritis in my ankle due to a previous injury, so I’m highly motivated to avoid inflammatory foods in the hopes that I will beat the odds and not get arthritis!  That being said, I’m not allergic or super sensitive to gluten, so I reserve the right to indulge whenever I decide it’s worth it.

I’m saying good bye to:

Journaling – Confession: I gave up on this after the first week.  I’m just not someone who’s good at consistently journals or records daily activities like food, water, sleep, etc.  I admire anyone who enjoy keeping records like that, but I’m not one of them.  This blog is about as close as I’ll get to keeping a journal.

non-dairy creamer – There is nothing like a bit of grass-fed cream in your morning coffee.  I have yet to find a similar non-dairy replacement (if you know of one, leave a comment!), so I’m adding some dairy back into my life.  I know from previous experiences with omitting dairy that the only effect it really has on my is a bit of sinus congestion, and that’s worth it to me.

Avoiding added sugar – I don’t plan on diving head-first into a bucket of ice cream, but I want to have the option of enjoying a sweet treat when I want it.  However, I really appreciate desserts without added sugar like ripe berries or fruit pops that don’t have added sugar.

I know what you’re thinking, but did you lose weight??

I did.  I lost 10lbs and 10 inches – mostly from my belly, breasts, and thighs.  I went back and forth about sharing my before/after pics because I don’t see much of a difference.  I took some time to think about why I didn’t want to share the photos, and it was 100% vanity.  The change is not as dramatic as I had hoped, and I almost let that expectation get in the way of celebrating my success!  There’s a reason I called this blog “progress, not perfection”; because I need a daily reminder that it’s ok to not be perfect.  I need to celebrate the small wins, and today I’m going to do that by sharing my before/after photos 🙂

Before:After FrontBefore:After Side

So there you have it.  Overall I’m still feeling really good about how I approached this month and the progress I made.  I’m really looking forward to what this next month will bring!

2 thoughts on “That’s a Wrap: Fed and Fit Project Summary”

  1. Very nice. I see a difference in the two pictures. Smaller butt for one thing! It’s worth going on just for the health benefits. Good for you!!!


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