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My Morning Skincare Routine

It’s FriYAY!  I’m wrapping up the month with a low-key weekend that includes ZERO plans.  It’s been a really busy month and July is going to be a big one too, so I’m looking forward to relaxing and maybe cleaning out some spaces in my house that have gotten cluttered (aka my closet).

I want to talk more about skincare and clean beauty stuff, so I thought I’d share what my current morning routine looks like.  My routine changes seasonally because my skin has different needs during different seasons – winter needs all the moisture and summer is when I can slack off a bit.

The funny thing about my skin is that before I switched to Beautycounter products, I was super greasy.  I was one of those people who would carry around blotting papers in my purse because I felt like I need to touch up throughout the day.  I used the “oil free” stuff that’s supposed to dry out your face and keep oily skin at bay.  What I learned is that the harder you try to eradicate all of your natural oils, the harder your body fights back by creating more oils!

When you strip your face (or hair) of it’s natural oils, your body’s reaction is to get to work creating more oil to protect your skin.  So if you’re suffering from this cycle, try stepping away from the harsh cleansers and focus on nourishing your skin.  It will take  time, but your skin will likely settle down once it no longer feels the need to constantly replace it’s missing oil.

Now, onto my morning routine:


I usually start by cleansing with my charcoal bar – this guy is a must for anyone with oily/acne prone skin! It helps clean pores, reduce redness, and reduce breakouts without being super harsh.

Next I use a variety of creams/oils for moisture depending on what I’m doing that day and what I may have done the night before:

I Always Use

Countermatch Eye Rescue Cream – perfect for dark circles and literally lasts forever!

Rejuvenating Night Cream – yes, I use night cream in the morning!  I was super dry this past winter, so I wanted extra moisture.  I’m actually about to run out so I may switch it up soon, but for now this is still my go to for morning (and evening) moisture.  It’s designed to help prevent fine lines, and there’s no such thing as being too young for preventative skin care!

I Sometimes Use

Rejuvenating Radiance Serum – Again, you’re never too young to start preventing fine lines and wrinkles! I will put this on before my night cream (either in the morning or evening depending on my day) because it’s an extra boost of the active ingredients (like vitamin C) that prevent aging.

Balancing Facial Oil – I love using this on days where I feel like I need some extra moisture, or as a prep before I put on makeup. It’s meant to provide some extra moisture while soothing redness and softening your skin.

That’s it! Sometimes I switch things up, or add a charcoal mask between cleansing and moisturizing, but those are the main components in my morning routine.

If you’re curious about which products would be right for you, take a few minutes to fill out my free online consultation form! I’ll email you with personalized recommendations to help you get started on your own clean beauty journey. 🙂

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