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Fed + Fit Project, Week 3 Recap

These past 3 weeks have flown by, and yet it also feels like I’ve been doing this forever.  I have one week left of the Fed + Fit Project, and after that I have some exciting new things happening in my life that will also likely affect how I eat, so more to come on that. 😉

This week something really interesting happened…. there were times where I wasn’t hungry! To be clear, I’m not one of those people who “forget” to eat a meal.  The only time in the past when I wasn’t hungry for dinner was when I had binged at lunch, so this was a whole new feeling for me.  It happened maybe 2-3 times at lunch time, and once in the morning; I’d get ready to sit down and eat, and the idea of eating a meal was just SO unappealing that I couldn’t do it.  I’d eat a few bites and give up.  I saved my would-be lunch to eat later in the afternoon when I got hungry, but I didn’t feel hungry until it was time for dinner, so I ended up skipping an entire meal.  This is the first time I’ve ever had an appetite change during a program (I’ve done several Whole30’s in the past and never had this experience), and it is so weird.

Amazing Balsamic Burgers with Carmelized Onions from the Fed + Fit Book

I chose to use this change as an experiment to really evaluate my hunger queues and see what it feels like to do different things with my day. For example, the one morning where I really wasn’t hungry, I decided to make a smoothie to see how I felt and if it would keep me going all morning.  I added a good mix of protein, carbs, fats, and green veggies so that it was well balanced and had good nutrition in it, and the result was not surprising to me: I was starving by 10am and hungrier than normal that night as well.  I’ve learned in past experiments that I do best when I eat a full meal in the morning, and this reinforced that lesson.

So I’m going to continue to learning how to follow my hunger queues, but to be clear, I am not starving myself or trying to skip meals on purpose.  There is no value in depriving your body of the energy and nutrition it needs.  When I’m hungry, I eat. When I’m not, I don’t.

Some other things worth noting from this week:

  • I did not work out enough – 2 days this week is better than nothing, but I know I can do more.
  • Strawberries are still amazing right now – I bought more this week and they were just as good as last time.  You know you’re changing when you feel like a ripe strawberry is a treat! haha
  • I made sure to incorporate different veggies this week – namely spinach, some kale, and parsnips.
  • I ate a donut hole on Sunday and didn’t ruin my life! (stick with me here)
our first week in our new location

I was teaching Sunday School and we played a game of Simon Says where the kids told the teachers what to do – and these kids were really cute trying to give us “nice” commands. One made me say “I’m a great teacher” (lies ;)) and another ran out to the hall and grabbed donut holes from the welcome refreshments.  The moment he handed them to us I quickly had these thoughts – “Gluten! Sugar! Aw, these kids are too cute.  Guess we’ll find out how I feel after this” and I ate it like no big deal.  And then I didn’t give it another thought!  I didn’t use it as an excuse to say “what the hell” and grab some dessert at the church potluck, and I didn’t beat myself up over “failing”.  I had actually forgotten until a few days later that I had eaten it, and should’ve been paying attention to any changes in my body/mind/digestion.  This right here is a defining moment for me.  In the past when I would “slip up” on a strict diet plan I would feel like a failure, or I’d try to act like it was no big deal while slowly slipping back into binging habits.  The fact that I chose in that moment that I was going to do just eat the damn donut hole, and then truly not let it ruin my day is a huge accomplishment for my brain.

So there you have it, 3 weeks down, 1 week to go.  Have a great weekend!

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