My Healthy Living Journey

Fed + Fit Project, Week 2 Recap

Happy Sunday, and Happy Father’s Day!  My dad introduced me to life’s greatest gift: coffee. 🙂 He’s also where I get my “too much” gene.  For example, when I was in second grade I was part of an enrichment program, and one of the projects was to make a bird house.  My dad helped me, and not only did we build a wooden birdhouse, we also painted it my school colors.  When I took it to school I realized that all the other kids made simple bird houses out of milk jugs – like what you would expect an 8 year old to make. I was taught at a young age that if you’re going to do something, you need to do it right, and to this day I can’t help but be “too much” in just about everything I do.  so thanks, Dad. ❤

Week 2 is in the books!  Some things are going well, and some need work, but overall I stayed committed for another week, and for that reason alone I am proud of my progress.

I’m now halfway through my project, so I thought I’d share some progress updates as well… so far I’ve lost 8lbs and about 3 inches!  As much as this is not about my weight, it’s the easiest way to mark progress as I move towards a healthy lifestyle.  I’ll share before/after pictures once the full month is up because I feel like 2 weeks is just not enough time to make a difference visually.

Things I did well

Stick to my meal plan – This week I did really well with my meal plan I didn’t necessarily follow every recipe to the letter, but I cooked the meals I planned to cook. Also, I only spent $105 on food this week so I definitely saved some money!  My favorite meal was the barbacoa tacos. I love Mexican food, so this was a dream. I used Siete Foods Cassava Flour tortillas and they were excellent.  I’m slowing amassing a variety of freezer meals because we’re not great at finishing leftovers, so I’ll have some great options for nights where I don’t have time to cook or meals to bring into the office.

Continue to exercise – I’m stilling building momentum with physical activity!  I told myself from the start that I’d commit to being active at least 4 days per week and so far I’ve kept that promise.  I almost didn’t work out on Wednesday because it’s so easy for me to “forget” or find an excuse, but I plowed through and got in some time on our stationary bike and simple weight lifting.  I’ve always struggled with committing to a regular exercise routing for more than a few weeks, so I know it’s one area where I really can’t allow excuses to rule.

Drink enough water – drinking a lot of water was a really hard adjustment because I was going to the bathroom all. day. long.  This week I’m still drinking my calculated amount every day and thankfully the bathroom trips are starting to reduce – or at least the night time trips are! I was getting up twice a night to use the bathroom, even when I stopped my water intake around 8pm!

What I need to work on – 

Eating more veggies – compared to last week, my veggie intake was practically non-existent (with the exception of potatoes and the spinach in my frittata) and my digestion definitely suffered.  I won’t go into details, but there were stark differences in my bathroom habits when I think about this week compared to last week. 😉

Snacking – I also noticed a need/desire to snack more this week.  I don’t know if it was because I wasn’t eating enough veggies, or a psychological response to having snacks in the house, or both. (probably both) But I’ll be extra aware of my cravings/responses in the future to help pinpoint a reason.

I’m going into week 3 feeling really good about this whole process.  I don’t feel like I’m restricting or missing out on anything because I’m still in control.  I could go buy a pint of ice cream tomorrow if I wanted to, but every day, every meal, I’m choosing to eat foods that make me feel good.  Having that control is the biggest lesson I’ve learned so far on this project.  Have a great week!


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