My Healthy Living Journey

Fed + Fit Project, Week 1

Hooray for the weekend!  I have busy day today with my friend bringing her two boys over to play with my nephews, so we’re having a little party with burgers and hot dogs and fun time together.  Before the fun starts, I really want to take a few minutes sit (with some iced coffee) and reflect on this week.

I am so incredibly proud of myself. Like, really really proud.  I know a week is not a long time, but not only did I (mostly) stick to my meal plan, I really enjoyed it!  This blog is called “Progress, not Perfection” because I don’t want to let a few bumps in the road take away from my overall success.  So this week was not perfect, but it was amazing progress, and I am so so happy about that.

Wondering what exactly I did this week? Here’s a break down of each day:

Monday – Work from home day! I woke up around 5:30/6 because the sun rises so so early in the summer and I can’t help it, but that was to my advantage today because I had plenty of time to make a frittata for breakfast that I didn’t get to make the night before! It was so good that I ended up eating it all week instead of making the Paleo Diner Breakfast Plate that I had planned for Thursday and today. (pics of the food from this day and workout details are here if you’re interested in more detail).

Tuesday – More of the same with leftovers for all 3 meals – the ribs were dinner and even my husband liked it! He’s like me and doesn’t like bones in his food, so this was a big win.   I decided that days I go into the office will be my rest days so I didn’t do a workout, but I obviously move more at the office just by being in a larger building.  One thing I noticed on this day is that I genuinely don’t need to snack if I’m eating healthful, satisfying meals.  Usually I’m famished by the time I get home and make dinner because I’m going 5-7 hours between meals, but this day was different. I felt hunger pangs, but it wasn’t overwhelming.  Getting reacquainted with hunger and fullness cues, and actually listening to them will be my biggest hurdle/accomplishment this month.

Wednesday – Another at home day, and also our usual night for Bible study.  We were invited over for dinner with our Bible study group and happily accepted.  This obviously changed my plans for dinner/cooking, but we had a great time with good friends so it was worth it.  I stayed mostly in scope by having a bun-less burger with guac, some veggies, and a few potato chips – they were no doubt fried in suspicious oils, but I didn’t notice and adverse affects after eating them. (yay!)  This day was a great test for me, because usually I’d let sudden changes like this be an excuse to do whatever I wanted because it was “out of my control”. I also made sure to fit in a workout on my lunch break (beginner kick boxing!) because I knew I wouldn’t have time after.

Thursday – I worked from home, but the type of work I had to do meant being on my phone all day.  I was out of leftovers at this point because I didn’t cook dinner Wednesday night, but I had already defrosted the chicken for the Chicken Piccata Casserole, so instead of letting the changes snow ball, I made sure to take advantage of my early-rising and made the casserole before I started work that day.  It was so good! I had to sub zucchini for the spaghetti squash because it’s summer (duh), but it still turned out great.  I also decided to defrost some sirloin steaks from my Butcher Box order for dinner because I didn’t feel like eating chicken for lunch and dinner.  For exercise I went on a 30 minute walk around my neighborhood while catching up on a podcast.  I’m not a fast walker because my ankle is still a little jacked up from a 2 year old injury, but I felt really good after.

Friday – I went into the office and was out of my cold-brew coffee at home, so I treated myself to a flat-white with almond milk. Work went well and I stopped at the grocery store on my way home to pick up a few things for today’s burgers (buns and cheese for people who like “normal” burgers!) and I had this overwhelming urge to buy junk.  I suspected it would happen because weekends are my traditional “binge” days.  Every cell in my body was telling me to forget this whole thing and buy all-the-food. Who cares? Who has to know?  I care. and I know.  I wanted to honor my desire without ruining the progress I made this week, so I decided to “treat” myself to guacamole and tortilla chips. Corn is not technically allowed on the Fed + Fit project, but it’s one of the less harmful options if I’m going to be eating something that’s out of scope.  So I enjoyed my snack without guilt and that ended up being my dinner because I wan’t hungry for the rest of the night.

Friday’s “dinner” might sound like a failure to some of you. I went “off plan” and gave into a “bad” impulse, but for me this is a total WIN.  If you’ve never felt the pull of an addiction (yes, food is addicting) you don’t know what it’s like.  I am addicted to food, but I can’t just stop eating.  Finding a compromise where my body and brain are both happy is the best I can do, and that’s my goal this month.  No I wasn’t perfectly on plan, but I was pretty damn close, and I feel nothing but pride and satisfaction about my choices.  I don’t know Cassy Joy personally (author of Fe+Fit), but I like to imagine she would be pretty proud of the lessons I learned this week. 🙂

So that’s it for this week.  Time to go clean up and get ready for some fun with friends!   Tomorrow I’ll plan, shop, and prep for week 2, so that I’ll be ready for another successful week.

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