My Healthy Living Journey

1 day down, 27 to go…

Am I the only one who feels incredibly accomplished for following a plan for 1 day?  Day 1 is always the easiest though, because everything is new and exciting and your motivation is still strong. I probably won’t feel the same on day 12 or 25, so for now I’m enjoying the high.

I tried out some workouts on Aaptiv yesterday, and to be honest it wasn’t the greatest experience.  A large part of it is not Aaptiv’s fault, it’s just really hard to do certain moves at my current size.  I tried a beginner yoga class first and that was a mistake because I can’t move my body they way I’m supposed to, so I moved on to an upper body strength training class that I enjoyed.  It was only 12 minutes, but it still did a good job!  the other negative for me was that there aren’t corresponding videos to the workouts; just a count-down timer and someone’s voice.  I need to see new movements to understand how I’m supposed to be doing them, so that was a big bummer.  I’m going to keep trying out other workouts on Aaptiv though to give it a fair chance.


I ended up not being able to do all of my prep on Sunday, so I made the frittata Monday morning. it. is. so. good!  I’m really looking forward to eating it in the mornings!  For breakfast I ate a slice of the frittata with hash browns and a few strawberries (I ended up just eating 2 of the strawberries because I was full, so I ate the rest after dinner). I also had some iced coffee with Nutpods creamer and collagen peptides.





Lunch was BBQ ribs that I had made on Sunday night, with a quick mashed potato (the benefit to working from home) and arugula with lemon and capers. so, so good! I’m usually not a fan of ribs (I don’t like bones in my meat), but these were awesome.







Dinner was Hamburger Hash.  Basically, it’s sautéed onions with ground beef, roasted potatoes, and whatever veggies you have on hand. Tonight was bell peppers.  It’s one of our go-to meals because it’s easy and well balanced with protein, carbs, and fat.






I was surprised yesterday that I didn’t have any sugar cravings, and I wasn’t really hungry between meals.  Usually when I start a new “diet” I’m hungry between meals regardless of how much I eat because my brain starts to panic at the idea of restriction in any capacity.  I’m curious if the difference here is having a meal plan in place for the week, or because I’m truly looking at this as a “project” and not a “diet”.

This month really is about examining my body and mind and how I respond to certain foods.  For example: I added some organic ketchup to my hash last night.  The ketchup has a little bit of sugar in it, and on previous plans (like the whole30*) I’d avoid that because you CANNOT have sugar in any capacity on the whole30.  Last night I didn’t give it a thought because 3-5 grams of organic sugar on top of a meal that’s full of healthy fats, proteins, and carbs, is not going to ruin my day.

*I should note that I have nothing against the Whole30 program, I’ve done it a few times and think it’s a great program for the right type of person. After years of trying to force it, I’ve learned that it’s not right for me, but that doesn’t make it bad for everyone.

So all in all, day one is in the books and I’m feeling really good about day two. 🙂

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