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Sunday Prep & Plans

Hi friends, happy Sunday!  How is your weekend going? Mine has been pretty busy. Yesterday I went grocery shopping for Monday, cut my hair (literally, I cut my hair!), and stopped by visited my mom and sister with some Beautycounter goodies.  Today I have church in the morning, getting together some raffle baskets for a local 5K fundraiser, prepping some food for the upcoming week, and visiting a close friend at the hospital.  Tomorrow is day one of my Fed + Fit Project! I’m feeling well prepared and I’m looking forward to starting this new adventure!


I did my grocery shopping yesterday and spent about $120 for the week. I also recently signed up for Butcher Box and got my first shipment on Friday, so if I get a monthly shipment that adds approximately $30-40 to each week’s total.  That makes my grocery bill for this week approximately $160.  That’s definitely more than I would normally spend on groceries in a week, but we won’t be getting takeout 1-3 times a week like we used to, so I expect it to balance out.

I’m pretty proud of my planning because I made a colorful meal plan to post on my fridge!  Here’s a glimpse of what we’ll be eating this week: Meal Plans for Fed & Fit Project Week 1

Something I’ll need to start prioritizing is a Sunday Prep. It doesn’t have to take all day, but a little bit of time spent in the kitchen Sunday will set me up for success for the whole week! So here’s what I’m doing today:

  • make the sausage frittata for easy breakfasts
  • make the lemon spaghetti squash for the casserole (actually this will be zucchini because spaghetti squash is hard to find in June!)
  • make short ribs for dinner 🙂
  • prep/cut/wash remaining fruit and veggies for the week

As far as fitness goes, I’m going to commit to working out in some capacity at least 4 days a week. There are workouts in the book, but they’re pretty intimidating.  They seem like an at-home version of cross-fit workouts, and that is a LOT to jump into right away. So I’ll try mixing up the less-scary workouts from the book with some from a new-to-me app I’m trying called Aaptiv.  From what I’ve heard, Aaptiv has a ton of different workouts for every style and time frame.  I’m looking forward to trying those out!  And of course I’ll let you know my thoughts after I try it out for a bit.

It’s also worth noting that I did take some “before” pictures and measurements, but I won’t be sharing those until I have some updates to compare them to.  It feels a little to self-deprecating for me to post before photos/stats without showing any progress.  So they’ll be here eventually, but not today. 🙂

Do you have a “Sunday prep” routine? How to you plan for the week ahead?


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