My Healthy Living Journey

What are my actions saying?

Happy Memorial Day! I hope your day is filled with BBQ’s, beach time, and patriotic family fun!  My day will be filled with grocery shopping, laundry, and Mission BBQ when the hubster gets home from work. 🙂

I’m about half way through reading Fed+Fit, so I’ll be making my official start day for “The Project” June 1.  What better way to start a month than to make positive life changes, right?

Part of prepping for my new journey to a healthier, happier life was to sit down and take a look at my priorities.  What am I spending time on day to day and do those activities line up with what/who is important to me?  It makes sense to work on my priorities and routines at the same time that I’m changing my eating habits, because it will help remove the old habits and routines that contribute to my current junky diet.

So I created a list of what I do on a daily basis, and how much time I spend on those activities.  Here’s my list from most hours spent on an activity to least:

  • work my “big girl” job (aka how I pay my bills) – 44 – 46 hours including drive time
  • watching TV/Youtube – 30-40 hours (YIKES)
  • spending time with my husband – 15-20 hours depending on if he has to work all weekend
  • time spent on social media – 10+ hours
  • cleaning/cooking/garden maintenance – 10ish hours
  • work on my “passion” jobs (Beautycounter, Etsy, and now this blog) – 5-15 hours depending on if I have a social or event booked
  • eating (mmmm… lol) – 7-10 hours
  • spending time with my friends/family – 5-10 hours
  • hygiene (aka stuff that makes me feel pretty) – 5-8 hours depending on how often I go into the office
  • reading/studying the Bible and praying (including church services) – <5 hours (again, yikes!)
  • hobbies (crocheting, reading for pleasure, etc.) – <5 hours

WOW. A couple observations from this list – I look at my phone WAY too much.  I’m definitely that person who compulsively checks for notifications all day.  Literally as I was writing this out, I got a Facebook notification and found my scrolling through my feed for several minutes before I realized what happened.  I also spend way way too much time staring at screens. Granted, some of that TV time is how I spend time with my husband, but a majority of it is under the guise of “me time”.

Now, I don’t say all this to vilify social media or TV, because there’s nothing wrong with relaxing with a good show! The problem is that it’s taking so much time away from other areas of my life that I say are important to me, but don’t get enough attention.  So part of what I want to do is readjust my time management and better prioritize the things that are important to me.  So here’s my list of top priorities that I’ll be intentionally focusing on over the next few weeks:

  • spending time with my husband – there’s really never enough time for this so it will always be something I aim to improve!
  • reading/studying the Bible and praying more
  • physical activity/fitness – did you notice that wasn’t on the list at all? yeah…
  • cleaning/cooking – I’m blessed with a husband who cleans obsessively and never complains about it!  But there’s definitely more I could be doing around the house to help him.
  • hobbies – I’m determined to finish the blanket I’m working on!  I also used to LOVE reading and have quite a list of books that I want to read.
  • my “passion” jobs – I love working with Beautycounter and sharing their products and mission, but I have a problem with follow through/sticking to a schedule.

So now the question is HOW am I going to make these changes?  Well, I don’t know. haha. I’m going to start by limiting TV time to evenings with the hubster, and Friday/weekend evenings when he’s working.  This will free up a LOT of time for the activities on my list that I plan on pursuing more consistently.

I’m not going to be militant about this, because if I’m at my mom’s house and we decide to watch TV together while we’re crocheting our blankets (like yesterday!) then that’s a great reason to break my “rules”.  I’m spending time with family and pursuing one of my hobbies (finishing that blanket!).

And now, laundry beckons.  Have a great day!

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